Choice Voting - Everybody Wins!

Get Involved!

First things first:

Literature (for download)

Colorful Sticky Stickers!

Show your support for choice voting by slapping a sticker on your bike, your car, your briefcase, your water bottle, or your laptop. Be creative!

For stickers, contact [email protected].

Fashionable T-shirts!

Accessorize with choice voting! For an "I Love Choice Voting" t-shirt, please contact Rob Roy at [email protected]. Vest not included!

Exciting 2-Part DVD!

DCR created a 45 minute DVD. It features a 15-minute animation created for San Francisco by FairVote, The Center for Voting and Democracy and a 30-minute choice voting program produced by DCTV and featuring Frank Maurer and Chris Jerdonek.

For a copy of the DVD, please contact Frank Maurer at (530) 758-1387. A $5 donation is requested so that we may recoup production costs.