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This web site was set up to educate community members about how choice voting can enhance our elections in Davis and beyond!

Measure L is now on the November 2006 Davis ballot. Measure L is an advisory measure for choice voting in Davis City Council elections. Choice voting increases voter representation and makes it much more likely for everyone to elect someone they truly support to the Council.

Be sure to vote YES on L by Tuesday, November 7. Information on how to vote can be found at the Yolo County Elections web site.

To get informed on Measure L and choice voting, read the Argument in Favor of Measure L in the Voter Information Pamphlet and our Measure L op-ed. Browse the What's Choice Voting? section of this web site. Watch this nice choice voting flash animation courtesy of British Columbia, Canada. We also have two Measure L forums on DVD. Contact us to receive copies.

This effort is a rare opportunity to improve democracy. We would love for you to get involved! Our supporter list currently has 745 public members. To help, you can

To join the effort or just ask a question, e-mail [email protected]. To contact an individual, use our committee directory.

Check the Blog below and the Media Archive for the latest info. The archive has 0 new items this week, with the newest dated Monday, December 25.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where do the city council candidates stand on choice voting for Davis?  

With a city charter on the horizon that would allow Davis to implement choice voting with a vote of the city council, the June 3rd city council election is an opportunity for Davis to expedite the implementation of choice voting for Davis.

Davis Choice Voting attended the May 8th League of Women Voters Candidate Forum where the candidates discussed choice voting for Davis. When asked "will you support choice voting for Davis City Council elections," a majority of the council candidates gave positive responses. Here’s a brief summary of the candidates response to the question.

Steve Souza: "Choice voting is the next step for the planet." Steve has been a strong and consistent supporter of choice voting for years. He cited numerous examples where choice voting has been successfully used. Sees choice voting as the next step in the democratic process.

Sue Greenwald: Supports choice voting. She would prefer to use choice voting with district elections.

Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald: Cecilia was initially skeptical about choice voting, but once she understood how it works she supported it. "The will of the people is to use choice voting." Cecilia still has some concerns about becoming a charter city.

Rob Roy: Has been involved with the choice voting movement for years. "We have to be leaders here in Davis." Rob was the only candidate to mention his support for choice voting in his opening statement.

Don Saylor: Believes most voters would have a difficult time understanding choice voting. Don has supported steps toward choice voting in the past.

Sydney Vergis: Does not support becoming a charter city in order to use choice voting.

A DVD of the candidate forum will be available at the Davis Library.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

City Council to hear Charter Committee Final Report this Tuesday, Feb. 26  

The City Charter Subcommittee will present their final report to at the City Council Meeting this Tuesday. The Agenda is available here and you can view the final report here.

The Community Chambers are located in City Hall at 23 Russell Blvd (5th and B). The meeting starts at 6:30 and public comment could start as early as 6:45. Thank you to the best pressure cooker website for providing food for the meeting.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

AB1294 arrives on Govenor's desk!  

AB1294, which could be a critical step toward adoption of choice voting in Davis, has passed both houses of the legislature and arrived on Governor Schwarzenegger's desk! The bill has progressed this far because of a groundswell of grassroots support from people like you. Now its time to take action one more time by contacting governor Schwarzenegger.

This bill would allow all California cities and counties to use choice voting regardless of their charter status. Current state law only allows charter cities to choose their election system--general law cities, like Davis, don't have a choice.

Please find a sample letter to Governor Schwarzenegger here.

Don't Wait. Contact Governor Schwarzenegger now!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

55% Davis voters say yes!  

Thanks to everyone, we did it! With 100% of precincts reporting, Measure L passes by 55%. Check the media archive for news coverage of the win!

Three AM: 52.1% with 15 for 17 precincts yes so far!  

It's 3 AM and I've been refreshing the election results for the past five hours. Sitting here at J Street Co-Op with my fingers on "ctrl" and "r", I'm hoping my boss doesn't notice how tired I am at work tomorrow. It's easy to be excited and hopeful as the returns come in, though!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sacramento News & Review Endorses Measure L!  

The Sacramento News and Review endorsed Measure L this week! This makes three area papers endorsing Measure L: the Sacramento News & Review, the Sacramento Bee, and the California Aggie.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ken Wagstaff, Keltie Jones Endorse Measure L!  

We have two new distinguished endorsers of Measure L: Former Mayor Ken Wagstaff and current President of the Davis School Board Keltie Jones! Both are just in time for our ad in the Davis Enterprise ad which will appear this Sunday on page A-3.

Measure L Forum Broadcasts  

Three programs on Measure L and choice voting are available for watching on DCTV (cable channel 15) or for listening to on KDRT (101.5 FM).

The League of Women Voters produced a two hour Pro and Con Forum/Debate on Measure L. The New America Foundation sponsored a 90 minute educational forum. There is also an interview between Frank Maurer and Chris Jerdonek about choice voting produced last year.

Here is the upcoming schedule to see or listen to these programs:

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